Lincolnshire Towns


  • Fishing Port and largetown with Population of 95,000

  • TIC information Centre. Tel 01472 323111

  • Market Day Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 


Grimsby was once the largest fishing port in the world with over 500 trawlers sailing in and out of it's docks and a thriving fishing industry. Today the port still lands fish and a small number of ships operate from Grimsby but it is only a fraction of the industry which was here until mid 1970s.  Today the port is still very much involved in food processing and is home to many factories ranging from ICI, Birds Eye, Findus and Youngs.

The town centre has been completely redeveloped and now has a modern indoor shopping centre called Freshney Place alongside the 12th Century St. James church. The once bustling Freeman Street shopping centre towards the docks has declined along with the fishing industry although the market and the Pea Bun fish and chip shop are still worth visiting.

Grimsbys' Fishing Heritage is remembered and celebrated in the National Fishing Heritage Museum which is well worth a visit. Guided tours are conducted around The Ross Tiger which is moored alongside the museum on the River Freshney and the tour is part of the museum. The Riverhead area here has many bars and restaurants and is buzzing with party goers especially at weekends.

The amazing Grimsby Dock Tower stands over three hundred feet in height and around one million bricks were used to build it. It was originally erected to operate the lock gates, and then later was modernised to provide a low-pressure water supply to the whole of Grimsby's extensive fish market. It is said that the millionth brick is enclosed in a glass case.The Tower was built in 1851, one year before the completion of the Royal Docks. A plaque has been placed on the bricks paying tribute to the minesweeper crews of World War II, but for many Grimbarians, the tower will remain the true monument to the towns maritime heritage.

The unrivalled views from the top can be seen when visitors are allowed to make the gruelling climb up the spiral staircase on open days. The Dock Tower is Grimsby's most famous landmark and has been given a grade one listed building status.

click here for a 360 degree view from the top of Grimsby Dock Tower

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Places to Eat and Drink

  • The Farm House -Restaurant

  • Victorian House - Restaurant

  • Millfields - restaurant

  • Coxes - Fish and Chips

  • Pea Bun - Fish and Chips

  • Wheatsheaf - Pub

  • Cricketers - Pub

  • havest moon - Pub

  • Abbeys - Wine bar

  • Beeches Hotel - Restaurant

  • Trading Post - Pub Food

  • The Barge - Pub

  • Lincoln Castle - Pub

  • Abbey Gate - Wine bar

  • Lloyds - Pub

  • Littlefields - Pub

  • Othello - Restaurant

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