Lincolnshire Towns


  • Georgian Market Town with Population of 18,000

  • TIC information Centre. Tel 01780 755611

  • Market Days Friday and Saturday  

The Finest Scene between London and Edinburgh', said Sir Walter Scott.

Ancient Britons recognised the significance of its position on the River Welland, which made it possible to ford the river throughout the year, so for thousands of years there has been a settlement here. It's rich with history, thanks to its strategic position. The Saxons and Danes came, Romans built roads here; the Normans a castle and in 1215 an army assembled here to march on King John forcing him to sign the Magna Carta.

It prospered as a merchants' town and was one of the richest towns in England by the 14th Century, exports of wool, pottery and cloth adding to its stature. A second phase of prosperity came in around the turn of the 18th/19th centuries - the great stagecoach era and some early 'tourists'.

Today it still welcomes visitors. It has a fine selection of 17th and 18th century houses, medieval buildings that reflect its past - over 600 listed buildings, with six churches standing within a square mile. It is a pleasing town.

Walk by the River Welland, take a Town Trail, or use it as a base for longer walks - along the Torpel Way or off to the Jurassic Way. There's an unusual fruit beer brewery, arts centre and beside a thriving market there is a large collection of shops, galleries and antiques, not forgetting great places to eat and drink!

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Places to Eat and Drink

  • Bull and Swan - Pub

  • Golden Fleece - Pub

  • Kings Head - Pub

  • Hong Kong  - Restaurant

  • Fratelli - Restaurant

  • Bombay cottage - Restaurant

  • Gooches - Cafe

  • Meet me under the Clock - Cafe

  • Viva Brasserie - Restaurant

  • The Royal - Restaurant

  • Melborn Brothers Restaurant

  • The Oakhouse - Restaurant

  • Mr Pangs - Chinese

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